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Our Automated Greasing Systems

HP-400 Compact Chief

The HP-400 Compact Chief Lubrication System’s compact footprint ensures your small equipment remains well lubricated. Its simple design delivers a precise amount of grease, allowing for consistent delivery with every cycle of the equipment. It is particularly well suited for smaller pieces of equipment like forklifts or skid steers.

Multi-line Spyder

The Multi-line “Spyder” pump’s all-in-one design provides a low-cost solution with big maintenance savings. It will enhance the safe operation of your equipment by delivering continuous lubrication to critical components such as automatic brake adjusters, clevis pins, spring hangers, linkages, lift cylinders, turn tables, fifth wheels, Holland Kompensators, etc.

Pneumatic Single Line 210

Parallel systems enhance your preventative maintenance program and keeps your greaseable components in excellent condition—resulting in safe and reliable equipment performance. This innovative pump design provides lubrication of critical points such as pins, bushings, lift cylinders and articulation joints.

Modular Progressive 

The Lubecore Modular Progressive Automated Lubrication System can be used in a variety of applications. It provides powerful, yet precise delivery of all ranges of grease while compact distributor blocks ensure the system feeds all areas of equipment.

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