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Greasing equipment is necessary evil. It is expensive, time consuming, dirty, and can even be a safety concern. Having worked with large equipment his entire life, Jim recognized that there had to be a better way.

There was.

Consider the way you first started greasing your equipment versus the tools you use today. Your powered grease gun - a dramatic improvement from a manually-powered grease gun - was designed to make greasing easier on your hands, save you some time, and improve the chances that you will perform this daily chore with more regularity. It is a natural progression to make you more profitable. An auto grease system is the next step and is basically a mounted, permanent grease gun with an automatic timer installed on your equipment.

Join the thousands of others who have exchanged the time they used to spend greasing for more productive, money-generating activities!

  • Jim Czajkowski, President

  • Jason Christenson, General Manager

  • Nathan Schultz, Lead Technician