Remote Grease Banks

Convenient, Safe, & Efficient

Today’s modern equipment can have dozens, even hundreds of locations requiring grease. Often these grease points are critical components that are tucked into hard-to-reach areas, or covered in dirt.

Lubecore’s Remote Grease Line System brings the grease points to a much more safe and convenient location on the equipment. No more crawling over and under your machinery to get a grease job done. No more overlooked grease points or time wasted cleaning away crud to get access to grease nipple. With less time required to get the job done, you have the confidence that your equipment is being maintained without sacrificing uptime.

Consolidate all your lubrication points into a single, accessible bank and make your daily greasing chore faster, easier, safer, & far more convenient. It is the no-brainer solution for an annoying problem you've been looking for.

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