Auto Greasing System Overview for Skid Steer (Video)

This is an overview of the auto greasing system we installed on a CAT 259D3 Skid Steer. This system uses standard grease tubes, is hydraulically powered by the action of the boom, and can be used year-round, in all type of weather and conditions (even Minnesota winters!). We walk through a quick overview of the system to show you how the system looks and how we did it.

By leaving your greasing chores to an autogrease system, you can maximize your productive up-time and ensuring your equipment is getting the grease it needs. This video is a walk-through of how we install a Lubecore Automatic Lubrication (Greasing) System on small and mini equipment and some of the system highlights.

▬ Contents of this Video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 - Intro

0:12 - Grease Output Target

0:34 - The Hydraulically Powered Pump & Pump Features

0:59 - System Grease Distribution

1:18 - Grease Allocation & Divider Blocks

1:51 - Front End Installation & Terminal Points

2:08 - Super Pipe & Tubing Protection

2:37 - In-Cab Low-Level Grease Alerts

2:50 - Other Modifications

3:05 - Conclusion

Lubecore MN serves practically every industry, from governmental agencies and municipalities, to both large and small private fleets. Lubecore MN also installs on a variety of other equipment, including yellow iron, heavy equipment, heavy trucks, industrial applications, mini equipment, off-road, and over-the-road trucks (OTR) and trailers.

With pervasive labor shortages, looming project deadlines, lack of part availability, and overloaded mechanics and operators, automatic greasing systems make tremendous economic sense. In fact, it is estimated that 87% of bearing and pin failures occur from too little grease. If you've never tried an auto grease system, there are some incredible benefits:

     + Less downtime, labor, & wasted grease

     + Lower maintenance: Greases equipment while in use!

     + Saves money & time If you already use auto lube systems on your equipment, compare our quality components, systems, pricing, and service. We can make your work easier for less.

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