How Do You Know Your Auto Greasing System is Working?

How Do You Know Your Auto Greasing System is Working?

Lubecore’s automatic greasing system is known for being simple. In fact, it is so hands-off new customers will often ask us, “How do you know your automatic greasing system is working?”

With Lubecore, there are five steps to ensure your system is delivering grease. Here’s how:

  1. Check the grease level in our stay-clear reservoir mounted on the pump. The grease level will change over time, indicating your pump is moving grease.
  2.  Confirm a solid green LED light indicating battery power.
  3. Turn the key in the ignition and check that the LED display light on the pump is blinking.
  4. Use the magnet to activate the pump and run a cycle. Listen for the pump’s motor to run. Check the pressure gauge mounted to the front of the pump to see that the pump is delivering pressure to the system.
  5. After running the pump, 1-2 minutes later, the pressure gauge will drop. Look for fresh "donut" of grease at all the terminal points. A well-lubricated joint should have a very small amount of grease issuing from it, pushing any contaminates out but should not have grease running out or creating a mess.

Running through these steps only takes a few minutes and can give an operator peace of mind that grease is being delivered. It’s that simple!

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