Lubecore vs. Lincoln Auto Lubrication: Which has the Better Grease Reservoir?

Lubecore vs. Lincoln Auto Lubrication: Which has the Better Grease Reservoir?

Recently, we were with a client who wanted some examples of what made us better than the systems he was currently using on his equipment. It was a fair question, so together we walked over to a piece of equipment he had in his yard with a Lincoln auto grease system, which was about 3-4 years old (pictured). 

After wiping a little of the dust away from the side of the tank, we looked it over together. I asked him if he could tell how much grease the tank contained. The sun had damaged, yellowed, and stained the once-clear plastic to the point where it was almost impossible to see the grease levels inside. He mentioned that this was problematic before for his crew, because the grease tank had run dry before anyone had noticed.

I pulled out my phone and showed him a picture of a Lubecore system we had installed on piece of equipment at about the same time as his own system. Although the exterior was dusty, it was evident that the reservoir very clearly showed the grease levels within, even after years of exposure. The comparison was immediately obvious and certainly impressive.

All Lubecore systems are equipped with Makrolon reservoirs. Our selection of this near-bullet-proof material is not accidental: It provides industry-leading resilience in rough environments and, most importantly, stays clear for life, providing glass-like, superior transparency to current grease levels even after continuous years of use.

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