Mechanic: Looking For Job!

Mechanic: Looking For Job!

Looking to hire some equipment maintenance staff?

With pervasive labor shortages, looming project deadlines, lack of part availability, and overloaded mechanics and operators, there are so many reasons that your equipment might not be getting the attention it needs. Equipment maintenance, especially greasing, is an important function - how do you get it all done? 

An auto grease system simplifies the task of greasing your equipment. No more crawling under the frame or lying on your back to grease the tie rods and lower kingpins. No more acrobatic stretching to reach the spring hangers hidden behind the fuel tank. Less pain, less aggravation, and less mess are just a few of the advantages. Most importantly, it can become that employee who always shows up, always greases every point, and works for free keeping your equipment well lubricated.

“Hire” the grease system that works for free on your equipment by giving Lubecore MN a call or email today! Once installed, the greasing will always get done, regardless of your schedule, labor situation, or project deadlines. 

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