Troubleshooting & Repairing a Progressive Automatic Greasing System

Indicator pin repair on a Lincoln Progressive Automatic System

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Recently, we received a service call request for a client with a Lincoln progressive automatic lubrication system that was installed on a loader (While Lubecore MN focuses primarily on selling, servicing and installing Lubecore's family of products, we have serviced virtually all makes and models currently available). Our client informed us that the system was building high pressures and not dispensing grease the way it should.

After arriving, a quick walk-around confirmed a common culprit: the indicator pin on the side of one of the distribution blocks had been slightly bent. A progressive automatic greasing system works by delivering grease to each point in sequence, point-by-point. Consequently, if there is an interruption in the grease delivery during this process, the system will build high pressures without delivering grease to the remaining points.

The indicator pins are about the same size and thickness of a paperclip wire, and so it is not uncommon for these items to get bent - a big reason that Lubecore does not use them in our own family of products. Although several other leading brands commonly use indicator pins as a visual confirmation that the system is working and grease is being delivered to the various points, these pins can be easily damaged. As you can imagine, even when the distribution blocks are properly installed in a low-impact areas, heavily used machinery like loaders or excavators, especially in certain industries, are subjected to a certain amount of abuse. 

Fortunately, in many cases repairing an indicator pin can be a relatively quick fix: A pair of pliers and careful manipulation to straighten out the pin will often rectify the entire system back to normal operation. Once the pin can move freely back and forth again, the system should work as expected. If you have a progressive system using indicator pins that is not working properly, hopefully this article will help you to diagnose and fix it quickly.

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