Why Buy Lubecore?

Why Buy Lubecore?

Selecting an automatic lubrication system for your equipment can difficult, especially when you want to get good comparison information on different brands. Admittedly, as Lubecore dealers, we are biased towards Lubecore products, but we think we can prove our system to you over any other.

Consider the following:

    • DESIGNED FOR TOUGH ENVIRONMENTS: Lubecore systems were originally designed for Canadian mining equipment - our products can handle about anything!
    • OPERATES IN EXTREME TEMPERATURES: Most brands perform well in warmer weather, but Lubecore really shines in the winter. In Minnesota, summers can reach in excess of 100°F (38°C), and the winters can see equipment operating in -25°F (-32°C) or colder. Lubecore’s family of pumps continue to work when many of the competitors’ systems must use a lower viscosity grease. 
    • THOUGHTFULLY DESIGNED FOR BUSY WORKERS: It can be easy to forget to refill the tank periodically. Fortunately, Lubecore’s technology reminds you with low-level alerts and grease levels in the reservoir remain easily visible, even after extended exposure to the sun. With redundancy built into the system, you and your employees will always have a well lubricated piece of equipment.
    • VALUE INCREASE: Lubecore products will outlast the life of the equipment they are installed on, and drive the resale value up. Moreover, overall maintenance and ongoing labor costs will be dramatically lower. Our systems are very simple to maintain and even easier to operate.

We’d love to have the opportunity to talk to you further about your equipment and how Lubecore can save you time, money, and improve profitability. Contact us for more information or a free quote today!

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