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High Pressure Grease Hydraulic Tubing Hose 12000 PSI 8.6 OD x 4 ID, Pre-Filled with Grease (Sold Per Foot) (#3000250)

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Korilla Small Diameter Tubing, pre-filled with grease, this is the best hydraulic line hose available for automatic lubrication and greasing systems. Sold per foot and up to 164ft rolls, Korilla works well in for both hot summer and winter conditions, boasts an excellent flexibility and wear-resistance while maintaining line integrity with a rated 12,000 PSI high-pressure strength.

With 8.6 Outer Diameter (OD) and 4 Inner Diameter (ID), it is compatible with most lubrication system brands, including Lubecore, Groeneveld-BEKA, Lincoln, and more. Sold per foot.